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Foreign Course

Course Regulation 上課規章:


1.Sign up rules 註冊規定

Please signing up the application form first. Paying up through paypal system, and bank account. Email us your billing information. We will then check and reply you via email in 2 days.

請先填好申請表格, 經由paypal或是銀行戶頭付款後, email通知我們, 我們將會在2天內查詢確認後email回覆您


.Course cancellation 取消上課

Please notify us for the cancellation 2 days before the course started.  If there is no notification in between the course starts. There is no refund for the course fee.

如要取消上課請於2天前通知我們, 如果在上課開始時沒有任何的通知和聯絡, 將無法退還費用


.Changing of the course date 上課日期的更改

If the course date changes for more than a week, we will email you the detail for it.

當課程日期更改超過一星期時間, 我們將會email通知您相關細節

.Copyright, and related know-how 著作権和相關智慧財產權

The books, printed copies, DVDs, CDs are provided for the courses, and protected as Copyright, and know-how to the site. Copying, disclosing the course materials to the 3rd party are prohibited and illegal. Recording and videotaping in the course are also not allowed.

所有上課時提供的書本 印刷品 DVD CD等物品都將受著作權和智慧財產權保護, 未經許可的複製 公開 販售 或租用等行為都將被限制和不被允許, 此外 上課中的錄音或錄影也是禁止的

Violation for the copyright in Japan【違反著作權法】

An infringement of copyright no. 119 日本法規第119條 侵害著作權和智慧財產權

Under 10 years imprisonment or under ¥10,000,000 penalty, and can be combined for both.

將處以10年以下拘役刑期和日幣千萬元乙下罰款, 或二者合併處分

.Penalty 違約金

The penalty for disclosing, rental, selling the course material will be 10 times of the course fee.

公開 販售 租貸 或透漏給第三方的行為將負擔10倍上課費用的罰款


.Compensations for damages 損害賠償

Without the permission of disclosing the course materials to the 3rd party, there will be the compensations for the lawyer expense and the loss for the course.

未經由同意而公開教材或販售, 租借與讓渡等行為發生時, 將索取相關損害與雇用律師費用等賠償


.Obeying the law 遵守法規

All the courses are obeying the law, and not against the social moral customs.



.Personal Info 個人情報

All the personal info will not be disclosing to the 3rd party or any kind of usages.



.Procedure 手續處理

There will be email notification within all the procedure about the course.



.Violation 喪失上課權力和資格

All the behaviors against the violation,  will be disqualified and unauthorized for attending the course. There will be no refund for the course fee.

如果違反規章將會失去上課資格, 同時也無法退還學費


.Changing of the course regulation 上課規章的變動更改

When there is necessary situation occurring,  the course regulation will be changed and noticed in the site.

當有其他特定因素發生時, 上課條約將會在網站上修改和通知
















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